What's new this year?

This year the Main Firework Display will be fired to the music of STAR WARS. Children under 15 dressed as Astronauts or Aliens will have free entry.

When does the show start?

The gates are opened at 16:30 with refreshments, fairground rides and live music. At 18:00 there will be a 5 minute firework display for the younger children and early arrivals, then around 18:30 the mayor and VIP's call for the the bonfire to be lit.
The main firework display (19 minutes and set to music) should then start about 10 minutes after the bonfire is lit, (usually around 18:45).

What time does the display finish?

The main firework display lasts for 19 minutes and should finish around 19:00. The refreshments and entertainment stay open until 20:00.

What disabled access is there?

Disabled parking is available at the southern end of the site. Most of the site is tarmac providing a stable level surface. The display is visible from the main disabled parking spaces should you wish to watch from your car seat.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We are lucky compared to most firework display sites in bad weather because of our great location. All of the site is covered with tarmac or hard standing so there are no muddy fields to walk through. We also have the Racecourse Grandstand which will provide some cover from any rain.
If the wind is particularly bad then we may be unable to light the bonfire safely, however the firework show should go ahead in all but the stongest of winds!
Should the event have to be abandoned due to poor weather, this will be communicated via social media and radio. No refunds will be given.

Are sparklers permitted?

We do not sell sparklers on-site, but you are welcome to bring your own. We ask you to use the water buckets provided and to keep to the less crowded areas when lighting them.

Are dogs allowed on site?

We do not allow people to bring dogs on-site. Although some dogs are ok with fireworks, we do not think the loud noise and crowds is the best environment for them.

Are there refreshments?

There are various stands around the site selling food and drink, also two of the racecourse bars will be open.

Will tickets be available on the gate?

Tickets are available on the gate on the night. Having an advance ticket is cheaper and will mean you get fast track access.

Can you pay by card?

Tickets can be bought online using card payments up to a day before the show. We accept Card Payments on the main gate (North End), however paying by cash will be faster.

Is there any way to pay for tickets by phone?

We can't take payments by phone. Advance tickets can be bought online using the Warwick Racecourse site or at local shops.

I want to buy tickets online but there is no button

Our website button will only be visible when tickets can be bought online. This is from early October through to the Friday before the show, (tickets bought online can be printed out and handed in at the gate).

Do you require wood?

We use pallets sourced from local suppliers to build the bonfire. We don't accept wood from any other sources.

What happens to the money raised from the event?

All money raised from the event goes towards local charities and good causes, distributed by Warwick Lions and Warwick Rotary charity clubs.

Do children need advance tickets?

We've raised the age required before paying full entry to 15+ this year (from 12+) with children 3 and under getting in free. Advance tickets are available for ages 4-14 and 15+, or they can be bought on the gate.

Why have a second fireworks display?

We wanted to provide a second smaller fireworks display as a bonus for those arriving early. This has the added bonus of providing a taster display that should hopefully be more appreciated by the smaller children who get cold and scared of the loud bangs in the main show.